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SERIES:  The Architects, Book 1

ISBN 978-09977802-0-7


For what would you sell your soul? For what are you willing to die?

Practicing architecture to the glory of God: That's what Sandy Beichten has set her sights on since she was a little girl.  Now, as right-hand woman to brilliant young architect Eric Baumann, she’s in the perfect position to live out that call.

If only she hadn’t fallen in love with him too. He's beautiful, he's dedicated, he'd fit her image of the ideal husband-- if he weren’t dead-set against Christianity and against marriage itself. Eric's focus is on Architecture alone, and Sandy fears he’d make a deal with the devil if it would sustain his struggling business and make his vision of doing innovative design come true.

Then a stranger with uncanny eyes offers Eric what seems to be the commission of a lifetime. To Sandy's relief, he turns it down. But the sinister would-be client refuses to take no for an answer, and before his plans are complete he will force Sandy and Eric to make a Faustian choice that will pit what they love most on earth against their lives, their humanity, and their very souls.

The Single Eye is available now in ebook and trade paperback. 

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