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The Architects Series

The Single Eye

ISBN 978-0-9977902-0-7


For what would you sell your soul? For what are you willing to die?

Practicing architecture to the glory of God: That's what Sandy Beichten has set her sights on since she was a little girl.  Now, as right-hand woman to brilliant young architect Eric Baumann, she’s in the perfect position to live out that call.

If only she hadn’t fallen in love with him too. He's beautiful, he's dedicated, he'd fit her image of the ideal husband--- if he weren’t dead-set against Christianity and against marriage itself. Eric's focus is on Architecture alone, and Sandy fears he’d make a deal with the devil if it would keep his struggling firm going and make his vision of doing innovative design come true.

Then a stranger with uncanny eyes offers Eric what seems to be the commission of a lifetime . . . 

Strong as Death cover, website placehold
Strong as Death

"Love your neighbor as yourself"--- but what if your neighbor is the man who tried to destroy your marriage before it even began?


It's spring in 1983, and newlywed architects Sandy and Eric Baumann merely want to enjoy a peaceful honeymoon in Europe. But a vicious terrorist cell kidnaps Sandy's old boyfriend, world-renowned violinist Werner Edelstein.  When the West German government refuses to deal and a mysterious woman convinces her and Eric that Sandy is key to getting Werner out alive, the young couple must battle to do the right thing . . . if they can agree on what the right thing is.

Coming 2019
Rebuilding Jericho cover, website placeh
Rebuilding Jericho

​For architects Eric and Sandy Baumann, life is good.  Their marriage is strong, their family is growing, and they've won the commission to design and build the RiverStrande development, which will put the reclaimed landfill site of Jericho Flats to exciting new uses.


But old crimes and present evils lie hidden in the depths of the project, and secret enemies who can't succeed unless the Baumanns fail.  And they'll make certain they do, even if it means jeopardizing Sandy and Eric's lives and the lives of those they most love.

Coming 2019
Sins of the Fathers cover, website place
Sins of the Fathers

As a Christian, Eric Baumann feels he has at last forgiven his father Norbert, a stern pastor and missionary who virtually abandoned him as a boy and actually left his mother after Eric was grown. When Norbert, now defrocked, shows up seeking reconciliation, Eric and Sandy are even able to receive him into their lives and their home.


But Norbert brings secrets and dangers from his years of wandering.  There are those who refuse to be left behind, who will use the old man for their own purposes.  When unspeakable evil strikes at the heart of the Baumann family, Eric and Sandy may learn there are crimes too terrible to forgive.

Coming 2019
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